5 essential tools for yoga beginners

Yoga mats, bricks, strings and balls support a number of stretching, stretching, or motionless positions.

Ms. Cam Lan, a yoga teacher at a center in Ho Chi Minh City, said the novice body is not flexible enough and is not used to the movement. You can consult with a coach before deciding to buy the right equipment to support yoga.

Yoga carpet

In yoga rooms, the mat used by many people does not guarantee hygiene. For convenience and cleanliness, you should choose to buy a practice mat with suitable materials such as rubber, plastic, and vegetable materials.

Note the length of the mat so that the practitioner can comfortably stretch his arms and legs, usually from 1.8 to 2 m. A thickness of about 6 mm ensures you do not experience pain and bruising.

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Yoga yoga tiles

This tool helps beginners to perform the forced movement of sitting cross-legged with knees not touching the ground. Exercise bricks are used to reduce thigh drag, avoiding injury.

Wire yoga

The strap acts as an extended arm. Tools for the posture of the practitioner need to keep the legs but cannot touch them with their hands to maintain a flat back, avoiding forward rush. The exercise rope is also suitable for positions where your hands are put behind your back.

Ball practice

Has a very good supportive effect in injury recovery, back pain therapy, hip pain, exercise ball suitable for many people such as pregnant women, children, the elderly, and the patients who practice to recover their health.

Yoga exercises with the ball require you to use more muscles at the same time to help burn fat and burn more calories than exercises with bare hands.

Clothing that is comfortable and breathable

When you practice yoga, you should wear comfortable clothes that make it easier for your body to move and focus. Avoid wearing clothes that are too loose or revealing, prefer to choose materials that are elastic, absorb sweat well. You should try on clothes before you buy and try a few moves to feel comfortable or not.