Moisture meter for grain and agricultural products by measuring resistance method

Most common grain and agricultural products moisture meters use the impedance measurement method to determine the moisture content of grains, grains, agricultural products ... This method has many advantages. back convenience for users. Learn about this method with THB Vietnam!

The working principle of the moisture measurement method by measuring the resistance

Humidity is the water content contained in a material and gives it its electrical conductivity. Different materials with different moisture levels will have their own conductivity value. The value of this conductivity is related to the moisture content of the material sample using a proportional formula. Based on the properties and principles of this relationship, one can measure the conductivity of the material sample and calculate its moisture content.

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The working principle of the moisture measurement method by measuring the resistance

To apply this method, a measuring device with a two-pin probe can be designed, which can penetrate the sample area to be measured. These devices will provide a power source, transmit to the sample and measure the voltage and resistance between the two measuring pins. From there, determine the current in the material and calculate the moisture results of the sample.

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Advantages - disadvantages of the method of measuring the humidity by measuring the impedance

The resistance method of humidity measurement brings many advantages and disadvantages

Join us to analyze the pros and cons of this measurement method!

Advantages of the method of measuring moisture by measuring the resistance

Compact, portable moisture meters; Fast measuring speed, you can carry and use directly in the field: fields, storage, storage; drying yard, drying station ...

It is very convenient to be able to perform direct measurements in the field, without wasting time preparing samples.

The machine has a compact design, easy to use anytime, anywhere, measure humidity in just one operation, without wasting time preparing samples.

Disadvantage of moisture measurement method by measuring resistance

For the method of measuring humidity by measuring resistance, you need to perform multiple measurements at many different positions and then average results to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the measurement results.

Because of the pointed electrode design, the measurement needs to penetrate the electrode deeply into the material or sample; This may damage the sample.