Update: more than 37,000 BTC withdrawn from BitMEX

Continuing the series of scandals of the crypto derivative BitMEX, you can not read the link below:

Fast news: Over 23,000 BTC have been withdrawn from BitMEX

BitMEX and Arthur Hayes got 'cutting board' by the US Department of Justice

Update: Currently at the time of writing more than 37,000 bitcoins - equivalent to $ 387 million, have been withdrawn from BitMEX.

The above figures are updated by crypto data analytics company CoinMetrics. (Note that the figure can vary from place to place, for example on the Chainalysis side 32,000 bitcoins)

data draw btc from bitmex

Philip Gradwell, chief economist at blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, said: "The withdrawal of BTC from BitMEX is increasing rapidly, the amount of BTC withdrawn has been moved to the Gemini and several other exchanges"

In addition, a large amount of BTC is being moved to unknown wallets.

BitMEX still holds between 135,000 and 170,000 bitcoins.

Another source from The Block Research said: "The number of open interest (OI) contracts or the value of BitMEX's unpaid derivative contracts, has recorded many downward corrections".

More specifically, the OI of BitMEX's bitcoin perpetual contracts has dropped about 16% - or $ 119 million, down to around $ 627 million at press time.

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On the other hand, the OI of BitMEX ehereum perpetual contracts has also dropped 37% - equivalent to $ 60 million, to about $ 103 million.

BTA will continue to update this case ...

BitMEX is in a lawsuit with the authorities over allegations that the derivative exchange violated many US regulations and the first consequence was a large amount of BTC 'flying' off the exchange.

This morning, BTA reported that BitMEX was sued by the US Department of Justice and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for violating KYC and AML regulations, including allegedly operating a derivative exchange. unlicensed (more details can be found here).

Some people holding key positions in BitMEX such as chief executive Arthur Hayes could face 5 years in prison for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

After the news spread, many BitMEX investors worried. This led to the first consequence that "more than 23,000 BTC were withdrawn from the exchange".

Specifically, according to a source from Glassnode said: "within 1 hour, more than 23,000 BTC have been moved out of the exchange, this number is equivalent to 13% of the total BTC in the warehouse (vaults) of BitMEX" .

The market is correcting after the BitMEX scandal, in which the Bitcoin price alone is falling nearly 4% to below the threshold of $ 10,500.

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According to the latest figures, activities at BitMEX have also decreased significantly, as the number of futures has fallen by more than 20% over the past 24 hours.